Tresna Art is the central of Madurese Handmade batik and souvenirs located in Bangkalan City. Gallery with exclusive Madurese joglo building, hidden, but easy to find is the cultural information center of Madura. By coming to Tresna Art, tourists don’t need to shop around to get Madurese Handmade batik and souvenirs. Tresna Art provides handmade batik of all districts in Madura with best quality at an affordable price. Provided also Madurese handicraft like: whip, odheng, wall hangings, karduluk carved (Sumenep) and other handicrafts. In addition it also provides Madurese local snacks like: peanut lorjuk, oto’, gayam chips, taro, cassava, chips, rengginang lorjuk, satru, jhuko ‘kerreng, rung terung, petis. And of course, the variety of culinary such as soto jagung, topa’ Ladeh, tajhin peddis, etc.

To satisfied the visitors, Tresna Art opens Salak Picking Tour  Package (seasonal), tajhin sobih (porridge Madura) for free every sunday, and also opened a special free batik training Saturday and Sunday. Tresna Art also presents a welcome drink in the form of a typical drink Bangkalan (poka’), ginger coffee and boiled bananas that can be enjoyed free for visitors. And to know the culture of Madura, visitors can also see traditional house of Madura located behind the gallery.


Tresna Art become destination of foreign and local tourists. Many officials, national leaders, artists, even Putri Indonesia 2006 Nadine Candrawinata  has came to Tresna Art.

Tresna Art on National Scale

Not only recognized by local residents, on 22nd July, 2013, the existence of Madurese handmade batik of Tresna Art has been recognized by the Ministry of Industry of Indonesia as “Companies that consistently produce and trade batik.”