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    Madurese handmade batik of Tresna Art has been recognized by the Ministry of Industry of Indonesia as "Companies that produce and trade batik consistently."

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    We provide many typical of Madurese handmade batik products with unique design and of course, elegant for you

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    Madurese Local Snacks

    Not only madurese handmade batik, we also provide many kinds of Madurese local snacks, such as Lorjuk, Oto’, Gayam chips, taro, cassava, etc

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    The Beauty of Madura Island

    You do not need to go around to enjoy various cultures of Madura Island, because everything is already available in Tresna Art!

  • The Image of Madurese Handmade Batik

    Tresna Art

    Tresna Art is the central of Madurese handmade batik and souvenirs. Discover all the beauty of the culture and distinctive art of Madura here.

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Tresna Art's Products

We provide many kinds of Madurese handmade batik, Madurese handicrafts, and Madurese local snacks as well.

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Handmade Batik

Handmade Batik

Tanjung Bumi Batik, Sampang Batik, Pamekasan Batik, and Sumenep Batik



Whip, Odeng, Madurese shirt, Karduluk Carving, etc

Madurese Local Snacks

Madurese Local Snacks

Nuts, Lorjuk, Otok, Gayam chips, taro, cassava, Emping, Rengginang Lorjuk, and others.


We provide various kinds of madurese handmade batik, with guaranteed quality.

Tresna Art has a complete collection of Madurese handmade batik. Tanjung Bumi Batik? Sampang Batik? Pamekasan Batik? Sumenep Batik? Everything is here!



Tresna Art

Madurese Handmade Batik and Handicraft Center

Tresna Art become destination of foreign and local tourists. Many officials, national leaders, artists have came to Tresna Art. So, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Tresna Art Gallery now!

Ali Js Lubis

Ali Js Lubis

Visitor / Tangerang

Amazing, it was fasting month ... Well, we were shopping until maghrib, takjil have prepared to break, directly by the owner! Batik products were classy and attractive design, you know... don’t forget to visit Tresna Art when you come to Surabaya.

Myopic Zin

Myopic Zin

Smooth and qualified batik. The services by the employees are very professional. There are ginger coffee, poka’, and boiled bananas for free!